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Probate Court
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Court Jurisdiction
Wills, Administration, Adult Guardianships, Temporary Guardianship of Minors, Marriage License, Firearm Permits, Recording Livestock Brands, Elections and Vital Records.

Probate Records
Probate records start in 1791 and the record books (Wills, Administration, Minutes, Annual Returns, etc.) are open to the public.
Original probate documents filed in probate court since 1791 to early 1900'sm marriage records and books have been copied and put on two external hard drives. The Elbert County Historical Society purchased two laptops, the external hard drives and a laser printer for researchers to use in viewing and copying these records in the probate court office.
Copies are $.50 a page if you do the copy but if court employee has to make copy then cost is $1.00 per page. Written request for research requires a search fee of $10.00 per surname.
Checks are not accepted, money orders only.

Vital Records
Birth and Death records are $25.00 each for first one and then $5.00 for each additional one purchased at that time.
Birth records start in 1919; there are some Delayed Certificates of Birth that go back to 1870 but not many. Birth index and records are not open to the public. You must be an immediate family member (self, mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, or grandparent), to receive a birth record. Death records start in 1919. The Death index is open to the public. Death records are not open to the public.
Marriage records start in 1805 but most only state name of groom and bride, date license given, name of officiant, date of marriage was recorded. Most records from the late Certified Marriage records cost $10.00 each.
No Checks Accepted, Cash or Money Orders Only.

Temporary Guardianship of a Minor
Mother and father must be willing to relinquish their parental rights temporarily, if no father listed on birth certificate of child and you are unable to obtain fathers signature and you don't know where he is then notice must be run in The Elberton Star two (2) times - this is an additional cost to you. If you know his address and he lives in Georgia then he must be served by sheriff in his county - this is also an additional cost to you. If he resides out of state then the court will send notice to him.
The court requires a background check be done on all individuals 18 years or older living in the household of proposed temporary guardian. Court also requires copy of birth certificate of child showing parent's names.
Court filing fee is approximately $120.00 for children with same last name. If last name is different than other sibling then it must be treated as a different filing and the cost is an additional $120.00 for each surname.
A parent may terminate temporary guardianship by paying a $35.00 court fee, temporary guardian would be notified and if they object, they need to write letter to probate judge stating reasons for objection and then case is sent to juvenile court for hearing.
No Checks Accepted, Cash or Money Orders Only.

Marriage License
Bride and Groom should come together to apply for license, need 2 pieces of identification (drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, work ID, etc.), be 18 years old or older, if either one has ever been married before, need proof of how marriage was dissolved whether by death or divorce: i.e. death certificate or final divorce decree filed and signed by judge. If bride and groom bring a notarized statement from pastor verifying they have taken, together, 6 hours of pre-marital counseling then cost of license is $30.00. Without the counseling, the cost of the license is $70.00.
No Checks Accepted, Cash or Money Orders Only.

Firearms Permit
Cost is $75.00 and you must be a resident of Elbert County and 21 years old or older. Application is completed in our office then you will take application to the Detention Center where your fingerprints will be taken electronically for your background check. It usually takes less than a month for all reports to be sent back to probate judge and if there are no problems, judge signs permit, mails it to you and it's good for 5 years. If there are problems with background check, you will be notified by letter to come in and talk with the judge.
No Checks Accepted, Cash or Money Orders Only.

For any additional info, please contact our office or for Standard Probate Court Forms see:
Honorable Stephanie Hewell, Judge