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Public Notices
An open letter to the property owners and taxpayers of Elbert County.

The assessor’s office recently mailed assessment notices to the property owners of Elbert County. It is the responsibility of the Board of Tax Assessors and the assessors staff to comply with State Laws and determine the values of property in Elbert County.

The Board of Commissioners do NOT take part in the assessment process.
Please note that the millage rate used on the assessment notices is from the prior year. After the completion of the appeals process and the property digest is finalized, those digest amounts will be provided to the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education.

State law mandates that if the final digest has increased due to an inflationary revaluation, the governing bodies must calculate a ‘Rollback or Reduced’ millage rate so as to not take advantage of those extra revalued amounts.

The governing bodies must advertise the comparative amounts and if it is chosen to go above the rollback rate, must advertise a tax increase and hold three public hearings.

The administrative staff of the Board of Commissioners wants all property owners to know there are appeals processes available.

Bob Thomas, County Administrator
Phil Pitts, CFO